Welcome to the ”Victor Hanescu” Academy

Performanta Victor Hanescu (13)
After 17 years of performing professional tennis, of which over ten years in TOP 100 ATP, it is time for me to pass to the next stage of my career. This academy was born naturally, firstly due to my desire of ensuring children that took the same paths as I did and their parents a safe development environment. Along with trust, the professionalism that leads to performance and top facilities: mental support, strategy, management, physical training, tactical and emotional training, medical support and health education, nutrition and movement.

I took the best from my experience raised from various continents, that is everything that I felt it was missing and would have wished to have, I gathered around me some of the best trainers, mentors and performance tennis specialists and I set up maybe the most daring project in the Romanian tennis since now. We will put the emphasis on the qualities and the positive aspects that every player has, on developing a healthy mindset and a winning attitude.

The vision of this academy is to develop and sustain (the future) champions on the playing field, but also in their day to day life, to turn it into the perfect environment in which players can develop professionally and humanly as well.

Furthermore, my dream is to make this academy a point of reference on the international tennis map that will offer the world valuable champions, regardless their material resources!


The Journey of the Tennis Champion in the Victor Hanescu Academy

Piramida calatoriei jucatorului
The principle that lies at the heart of our academy is simple: we do not train players that only play tennis very well. We train champions from all points of view, that can deal with any challenge, whether it's on the playing field or his personal life. And for that, we focus on three elements:

1. The personality of a champion
(it is very much influenced by the carry-on that he brings with him from his family – the foundation of the pyramid: values, beliefs, behavior, the way in which he sees life, and he relates to others, his relationship with his parents, etc.). Once arrived in the academy’s team, we offer him the ideal set-up to shape his character and to develop mentally and emotionally, to create high standard goals and an environment that helps him grow and stay motivated.)

2. A well-trained body, capable of sustaining performance for a long while.
(Nutrition and physical exercise, stretching before and recovery after any technical and tactical training – are essential elements in the healthy development plan that we conceive for every player. Our body is not a machine that must resist only 4-6 years until he passes the first tune-up, but it is a complex mechanism that has to function correctly even after the player ends his tennis pro career.)

3.An excellent technique.
(This pillar becomes overriding and it is developed while the other two are reinforced. An impeccable technique can help you climb to a certain point, but from there on the difference will be given by how vigorous and healthy the player's body and mind.)

What are the Steps For the Admission at the Academy?

We are waiting for you to train (according to the settled development plan!)

Thank you for your trust, and I am looking forward to training together!